Italy Africa conference of the Farnesina – #ItaliAfrica

Italy Africa conference of the Farnesina – #ItaliAfrica

On 25 October, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, also known as the Farnesina, held a conference on the cooperation between Italy and Africa. This was the second in a series of conferences on this topic organized by the Farnesina, the first of which was held in 2016.

The conference discussed shared solutions to the main challenges facing Africa and Italy in the fields of peace, freedom, democracy and security. The conference further identified common paths for growth, in which Italy could play a part by leveraging its expertise and presence in the European Union.

Representatives of 46 African countries attended the meeting, 34 at ministerial level, while 13 international organizations were represented, including the African Union. In total, 350 delegates attended the conference.

ICCROM’s Director-General, Dr Webber Ndoro, attended the meeting in the framework of ICCROM’s proposed new programme to support young heritage professionals on the African continent, which he presented during the session’s Panel III, dedicated to human development, culture, education and mobility.

Tonight at the , the Opening Event of the Italy-Africa Conference. Our Director-General Webber Ndoro will be there representing #ICCROM #ItaliAfrica pic.twitter/tWiLavuWJw

Space was reserved for intergovernmental organizations, universities and research institutions to identify and deepen useful cooperation forums in education and academics

In his remarks, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, hailed the meeting as « marking an occasion to develop structured dialogue between Italy and the countries of the African continent in full demographic and economic growth.” The conference emphasized peace, freedom, security and fair socio-economic development as essential rights of all people and underlined that these conditions are fundamental for development to take place. Continuer la lecture de « Italy Africa conference of the Farnesina – #ItaliAfrica »

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